Wolf City II

The country that housed Marsev could hardly be called a country. It had many names that varied depending on the region. There was no overseeing government – there were stories of one having existed hundreds of years ago, but now there was no single power player. There were zoned territories that had their own form of government, though most seemed to run on an anarchic basis with gangs and crime syndicates ruling the streets.

Marsev was by far the most impoverished, crime-riddled, and forsaken zone. It had reached an all-time low approximately ten years ago when police brutality and increased taxes caused citizens to revolt by relying on gangs for protection, outsourced goods, and general order. Without enough military personnel to patrol each street, the government became a laughing stock and was disregarded as an entity altogether.

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Paradise Found Prologue

Since I was a child, the secular world had escaped me. My mother taught me that the grass was greener on the other side, but I had seen Heaven, and there was no grass. Only black weeds and smoke so thick my eyes watered. How inane she must have been, my mother.

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